Hardox Wearparts is a worldwide network of wear service centers. We provide wear parts and wear solutions that keep industries up and running with optimized productivity and service life.


The world’s leading wear service network

Providing high productivity and low maintenance costs is the core business for every Hardox® Wearparts centers. The first Hardox® Wearparts centers were opened in 2000 in Europe. Since then we have passed the 500 mark and keep adding new full-service centers all over the world.


When you are doing business with a Hardox® Wearparts center you should have high expectations. Every Hardox® Wearparts center operates according to high standards on staff skills, ensuring quality, performance and safety of the center’s parts and services.

A part of SSAB

The Hardox® Wearparts network is closely related to SSAB, a specialized steel company that makes Hardox® wear plate, Duroxite® overlay products, Strenx® performance steel, Toolox® engineering & tool steel and many other steel grades for high-performing wear and structural applications.

Dedicated to your industry

Whatever wear challenges your production faces, the people at Hardox Wearparts are committed to keeping you up and running.